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Krakow Safety: Am I Safe to Travel to Krakow, Poland in 2024?

Wondering about safety in Krakow? With its rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant culture, it's a top tourist spot. Safety concerns are natural.

Tobi Miles
March 30, 2024
Krakow Safety: Am I Safe to Travel to Krakow, Poland in 2024?

Rest assured, Krakow is generally considered safe for travelers. Whether you're soaking up the history in the Old Town, enjoying the nightlife in Kazimierz, or exploring the city's many museums, safety concerns shouldn't deter you. However, staying informed and taking basic precautions can enhance your experience, ensuring your visit is both enjoyable and secure.

Key Takeaways

  • Krakow is Generally Safe for Travelers: The city is considered safe for tourists, with lower crime rates compared to other European cities. Essential safety measures and staying informed can further enhance your travel experience.
  • Crime Rates and Safety Tips: Krakow fares better in terms of safety compared to cities like Paris and London. Key tips include being aware of your surroundings, avoiding walking alone at night, securing belongings, and using licensed transport.
  • Areas with High Safety Levels: Areas like Kazimierz, Stare Miasto (Old Town), and Wola Justowska are noted for their high safety levels, making them especially favorable for tourists.
  • Common Scams and How to Avoid Them: Be cautious of taxi overcharging, restaurant price scams, and fake petitions/street games. Using metered taxis, asking for menu prices upfront, and declining offers politely can help avoid these scams.
  • Emergency Contacts and Medical Safety: Knowing emergency numbers (e.g., 112 for general emergencies) and having access to medical facilities ensures preparedness. Travel insurance covering medical expenses is highly recommended.
  • Respect Local Laws and Practices: Being mindful of local customs and laws, such as restrictions on public alcohol consumption, helps avoid fines and ensures a respectful visit.

Krakow Safety Overview

When planning your trip to Krakow, it's crucial to consider the safety aspects to make your visit enjoyable and worry-free. Krakow, like many European cities, is generally safe for tourists. However, being informed and cautious can help you avoid common travel pitfalls.

Crime Rates and Safety

Krakow's crime rates are comparatively lower than many other European cities. According to the Numbeo Safety Index, Krakow scores 60.45, indicating a moderate level of safety. To put this into perspective, here’s how Krakow compares to other popular destinations:


Safety Index Score









These numbers show that Krakow is on the safer side, especially when compared to other tourist-heavy cities.

Key Safety Tips

To ensure your safety while exploring the city, keep these tips in mind:

  • Always be aware of your surroundings, especially in crowded places.
  • Avoid walking alone at night in less populated areas.
  • Keep belongings secure and be cautious of pickpockets, particularly in crowded tourist spots and public transport.
  • Use licensed taxis or reputable ride-sharing services to get around the city.

Local authorities in Krakow are aware of the concerns that tourists might have and have taken measures to ensure safety. Increased police presence and helpful tourist police units are noticeable, especially in high-traffic areas like the Old Town and Kazimierz.

Health and Medical Safety

Krakow's healthcare facilities are equipped to handle most emergencies, with hospitals and clinics accessible throughout the city. It's recommended to have travel insurance that covers medical expenses for a stress-free visit.

While Krakow is considered safe health-wise, it’s wise to stay updated on any travel advisories or health alerts. Precautionary measures, such as vaccinations and food safety practices, should also be considered to avoid common travel-related illnesses.

By staying informed and cautious, you can enjoy all that Krakow has to offer with peace of mind.

Safety Tips for Travelers

When embarking on your Krakow adventure, being equipped with essential safety tips can transform your trip from good to great. Krakow is a welcoming city, but like any tourist destination, it comes with its own set of precautions.

Stay Street Smart: Your personal safety begins with awareness. Always be mindful of your surroundings, especially in crowded places like the Main Market Square or during famous events like the Krakow Christmas Market. Pickpocketing is the most common issue tourists face, so keep your belongings secure and ideally in front of you.

Use Licensed Transport: Navigating the city should be both safe and straightforward. Always opt for licensed taxis, identifiable by their logos and meters, or use reputable apps for ridesharing services. Public transport is reliable and safe, but ensure you have a valid ticket to avoid fines.

Beware of Scams: In any tourist hotspot, scams can occur. Be cautious if someone offers free tours, invites you to a bar or club out of the blue, or tries to distract you for seemingly benign reasons. Trust your instincts and decline politely.

Respect Local Laws and Customs: Understanding local laws can prevent unintentional offenses. For instance, drinking alcohol in public places outside designated areas is against the law and can lead to fines.

Emergency Numbers and Health Care: Knowing how to reach local authorities can provide peace of mind. The general emergency number in Poland is 112. For non-life-threatening situations, Krakow has numerous pharmacies and clinics. However, it's recommended to have travel insurance that covers medical expenses.

Here's a quick reference for emergency numbers in Krakow:









General Emergency


Exploring Krakow is an experience filled with history, culture, and unforgettable attractions. By keeping these safety tips in mind, you'll be well-equipped to enjoy all that the city has to offer, with the added comfort of knowing you're prepared for any situation.

Safe Areas in Krakow

When planning your trip, knowing which areas in Krakow are considered safe can greatly enhance your experience. Krakow is generally a safe city for tourists, but like any popular destination, it has areas that are safer than others.

Kazimierz, the historic Jewish quarter, is not only rich in culture and history but is also known for its safety. Day or night, this vibrant area is bustling with activity, from its charming cafes to art galleries and clubs. The communal atmosphere, coupled with regular police patrols, makes Kazimierz a must-visit area where you can feel secure exploring its streets.

Another remarkably safe area is Stare Miasto, or the Old Town. This UNESCO World Heritage site is the heart of Krakow and is constantly under surveillance to protect both its historic structures and the countless tourists it attracts. The presence of local law enforcement ensures that Stare Miasto remains one of the safest areas for travelers, especially during the day when it's filled with guided tours and sightseers.

For those seeking tranquility, Wola Justowska, considered one of Krakow's most prestigious neighborhoods, offers both safety and serenity. Known for its lush green spaces and luxurious residences, Wola Justowska provides a peaceful retreat from the bustling city life.



Safety Level


Historic Jewish quarter, rich in culture


Stare Miasto

Krakow's Old Town, UNESCO World Heritage site

Very High

Wola Justowska

Prestigious neighborhood, tranquil


Staying informed about the safest areas in Krakow not only ensures your security but also allows you to relax and fully enjoy the myriad attractions this historic city offers. While these areas are noted for their safety, always practicing street smarts and remaining vigilant can help mitigate any potential risks no matter where you are in Krakow.

Common Scams to Beware Of

While Krakow is generally safe, like any popular destination, it has its fair share of scams targeting tourists. Being aware of these common cons can save you frustration and money, making your trip smoother and more enjoyable.

Taxi Scams

One of the first scams you might encounter upon arrival is the taxi scam. Not all taxi drivers use the meter, leading to inflated rates, especially from the airport to the city center or around popular tourist spots. Always insist on the meter being turned on, or better yet, use reputable apps to book your rides.

Restaurant Overcharging

Another con to watch out for involves restaurants, especially those in the vicinity of major tourist attractions. Some establishments have been known to present menus without prices, only for tourists to receive an exorbitantly high bill. Always ask for prices up front and check reviews online before deciding where to dine.

Fake Petitions and Street Games

You might come across individuals asking you to sign a petition or inviting you to play a quick game for money on the streets of Krakow. Often, these are distractions to pickpocket or demand money for a cause that doesn’t exist. Remain vigilant and politely decline any such offers.

Common Scams in Krakow


Taxi Overcharging

Use metered taxis or book through a reputable app

Restaurant Overcharging

Always ask for menu prices

Fake Petitions/Games

Politely decline and keep your belongings secure

Understanding these scams and knowing how to avoid them is key to ensuring your visit to Krakow is as safe and enjoyable as possible. Keep these tips in mind, and you’re less likely to be a target.

Emergency Contacts and Resources

In the unlikely event that you find yourself in a difficult situation in Krakow, it's vital to have a list of emergency contacts and resources at your fingertips. Being prepared can significantly reduce the stress of facing unexpected challenges.

First off, for immediate emergency assistance, dial 112, which is the universal European emergency number. This service is available 24/7 and can connect you to police, medical, and fire services. For non-emergent police assistance, call 997. It's wise to store these numbers in your phone upon arrival.

Furthermore, Krakow boasts several consulates and embassies that can provide support and guidance if you're facing issues related to travel documents or legal assistance. The US Consulate in Krakow, for instance, is a crucial contact for American tourists.


Contact Information

Emergency Number


Non-Emergent Police


US Consulate Krakow

+48 12 424 5100

Accessing medical care is straightforward in Krakow. In case of a health-related issue, University Hospital in Krakow (Uniwersytecki Szpital Dziecięcy w Krakowie) is well-equipped and staffed with English-speaking personnel to help you navigate your health concerns smoothly. For minor ailments, pharmacies are widely available and can offer over-the-counter treatments and advice.

Travel insurance is something you should never skimp on. Ensure your policy covers health care abroad and emergency repatriation. Having insurance can turn a potentially disastrous situation into a manageable hiccup.

In case you lose your passport, contact your embassy or consulate immediately. They'll guide you through the steps to issue an emergency passport so you can continue your travels or return home safely.

Remember, vigilance and preparedness are your best tools when traveling. Keeping these emergency contacts handy ensures you're equipped to handle situations confidently, letting you focus on enjoying the rich experiences Krakow has to offer.


Krakow's charm and rich history make it a must-visit destination. However, like any popular tourist spot, it's essential to stay alert and be prepared. With the insights provided about common scams and the importance of emergency preparedness, you're now better equipped to navigate the city safely. Remember, having the right contacts and knowing how to access medical care or embassy assistance can make all the difference. So, pack your bags, secure your travel insurance, and embark on your Krakow adventure with confidence. After all, a well-prepared traveler is a safe traveler.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are common scams in Krakow that target tourists?

Common scams in Krakow include overcharging in bars and restaurants, fake taxi services, and street games designed to trick you out of money. Always check prices and use official taxi services.

What is the universal European emergency number?

The universal European emergency number is 112. You can dial this number in Krakow, and across Europe, to reach emergency services for immediate assistance.

What should I do if I need non-emergent police assistance in Krakow?

If you need non-emergent police assistance in Krakow, you should dial 997. This connects you to the local police for issues that do not require immediate emergency response.

Where can I find consulates and embassies in Krakow for legal assistance?

Consulates and embassies in Krakow can provide legal assistance and help with travel document issues. It's best to search online for the specific embassy or consulate of your country in Krakow for their location and contact information.

What should I do if I lose my passport in Krakow?

If you lose your passport in Krakow, immediately contact your country’s embassy or consulate. They can assist you with obtaining a temporary travel document or a replacement passport.

How important is having travel insurance when visiting Krakow?

Having travel insurance when visiting Krakow is highly important. It can cover unexpected medical expenses, lost or stolen property, and other travel-related issues, ensuring your trip is safer and more secure.

What should I know about accessing medical care in Krakow?

To access medical care in Krakow, you should have travel insurance and know the location of nearby hospitals or clinics. For emergencies, dial 112 to receive immediate assistance.

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