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Jet-Set on a Dime: Trio of Nations with Just $63!

Ever wondered if your wallet could keep up with your wanderlust? Buckle up, as a savvy solo traveler unveils the ultimate flight hack to jet-set across three countries for less than your weekly coffee budget!

Tobi Miles
July 5, 2023

Recently, Sabrina Trojanova made waves in the solo-travel world when she revealed that she traveled to three countries for as little as $63, or £50. Her many followers on TikTok were understandably impressed that she could visit France, Spain, and Ireland without spending much money.

Sabrina based her unique approach to travel on the cheapest flights available. She chose her first cheap destination while in London, then planned the following flights based on the cheapest flights out of the country she landed in each day for three days. Sabrina said, “I wanted to show that you absolutely can travel as a woman on your own”.

Her goal was to spend two nights in each country that she stayed in. Sabrina set a budget of $254 (£200) for each destination but has said she could have easily gotten by with less. Most of her budget went toward lodging, meals, and entrance fees to attractions.

She visited all three countries, ate meals in each, stayed in hostels, and brought home souvenirs such as books. Sabrina’s trip cost only $778 (£613), including the cost of flights, hostels, meals, and activities, and her TikTok followers quickly took notes. Her journey started in London where she flew to Dublin, Ireland for just $15.25, or £12.

There, Sabrina ate local food, explored the city, and stayed in a hostel for roughly $128 for two nights. After her time in Dublin, she perused local airline listings and used Kiwi to find her next destination based on which flight was the cheapest. The cheapest flight she could find was to Marseilles, France, and she departed to continue her journey.

Sabrina spent two days in Marseille and stuck to her budget while exploring one of France’s most historically significant cities. Marseille is the second biggest city in France, and 10 million tourists visit each year. She spent two nights in Marseille before searching online for another cheap Europe flight to complete her vacation.

Her last stop in her spontaneous European excursion was Mallorca, Spain. She managed to book a flight for as little as $20. Sabrina was quick to point out that she could have gotten a cheaper flight to another Irish destination, but she established a rule that she couldn’t repeat countries on her adventure.

Home to beautiful coves, beaches, and an unforgettable coastline, Mallorca is one of Spain’s biggest tourist attractions. Between 13 and 16 million tourists visit Mallorca each year, but few of them likely book flights as cheap as Sabrina did.

But how did she find these cheap flights? According to Sabrina, she visited the Kiwi website and sorted flights from cheapest to most expensive. She chose to stay in hostels instead of traditional hotels to spend as little as possible on lodging each night.

Sabrina allocated $44-$63 per night for lodging so she could stick to her budget. She was quick to point out that her EU citizenship and passport made it much easier to travel so cheaply between three countries. It’s much easier and more cost-effective to travel throughout Europe when you depart from another European country, and this helped her save a small fortune.

Her flights totaled $63, and she spent a little over the equivalent of $700 on food, lodging, and exploring the European cities she visited. Considering that she spent two nights in each of the three cities she visited, this is quite low. The average vacationer budgets $310 per day, and she got by with a fraction of that.

She explained her motivation with a succinct statement: “I get so many people saying they want to travel but can’t afford it. My intention was to take the cheapest flight to a new country. I really wanted to do it solo. I booked each flight the night before to find out my next destination. I explored the cities on foot. I wanted to show that you absolutely can travel as a woman on your own.”

Sabrina is one of many content creators that focus on travel, and her most recent experiment has generated lots of conversation. Whether this trend catches on has yet to be soon. However, she has shown that with careful planning and a strict budget, you can travel internationally without spending a fortune.

Article updated:
January 5, 2024

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