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Ultimate Foodie Road Trip: East Coast Maps!

Hit the road with our Ultimate Foodie Road Trip: East Coast Maps! Explore the best eats from Maine to Georgia, including seafood, burgers, and local favorites. Perfect for travelers craving delicious adventures.

Tobi Miles
July 1, 2022
Ultimate Foodie Road Trip: East Coast Maps!

The East Coast of the U.S.A, is home to many foodies & food lovers! Many thanks to the diverse cultures & history of the cities along the East Coast. From Philadelphias Philly Cheesesteaks to Maines seafood and NYC's Italian & Mexican culinary Highlights!

In this post, Town & Tourist will give you the run down of the most epic food halls, food festivals, Burger Joints and traditional restaurants on the East. The ideal way to sample these is via an epic food hall road trip!

1. Portland, Maine:

Starting of our East Coast Foodie Road Trip in Portland, Maine is ideal. Located bang on the east coast, head down to Portlands old port area, which is a popular attraction.

Here you can find a vast selection of eateries, due to Maines prime coastal location expect a variety of seafood! From Lobsters to fresh crabs & oysters!

Fun Fact: Portland has one of the most number of restaurants per person out of ant city in the U.S.A. It's population is just 67,000 people yet there are over 220 restaurants.

The White Barn Inn

The White Barn Inn Restaurant is a historic fine dining restaurant in Kennebunks, Maine. The Menu is a emphasises a modern twist on New England classics. Chef Matthew Padilla is a world renowned culinary magician.

Popular dishes include: Signature Lobster accompanied with a Sherry Cream sauce.

There is also live music via a talented Piano Player, if you want fine dining & all the formalities then this is a classy restaurant to attend.

White Barn Inn Maine Foodie Road Trip. Source: White Barn Inn. (Ultimate Foodie Road trip East Coast U.S.A)

Harmon’s Lunch

When driving into Maine, be sure to grab a tasty roadside burger from Harmons lunch in Falmouth.

The double cheeseburgers, with everything on (Grilled Onions, melted cheese, sweet chilli relish) is a favourite!

Eventide Oyster Co

If you want a trendy restaurant with you tasty oysters, creative cocktails and of course Maines famed lobster roll, then head down to Eventide Oyster Co.

Eventide Oyster Co Maine - East Coast Foodie Road trip 1. Source:  Knack Factory. (Ultimate Foodie Road trip East Coast U.S.A)

2. Connecticut:

With an abundance of fresh seafood from the Long Island Sound and a range of high quality local farms, Connecticut is no longer shadowed by NYC in the culinary scene.

The Place Seafood - Guilford

The Place, is the place to be! This is a unique outdoor seafood restaurant in Guilford. Here visitors can take a seat on the tree stump chairs and watch the chef grill that fresh seafood on an open air fire pit!

The menu here is simple, fresh but effective, Smoked Lobsters, Savoury clams, Sizzling Shrimp, grilled corn. For those who aren't sea food lovers try the grilled chicken or steaks.

the place seafood restaurant connecticut. Source: (Ultimate Foodie Road trip East Coast U.S.A)

Insider Tip:

The littleneck clams are a favourite, these are placed on the open air fire until the crack open. Then they are smothered in a delicious cocktail & thick butter sauce.

the place seafood restaurant connecticut. Source:theplaceguilford. (Ultimate Foodie Road trip East Coast U.S.A)

GoldBurgers – Newington

As you drive out of Connecticut, swing by Goldburgers in Newington. The signature "Gold Burger" is a double cheese burger with all the toppings and the smothered in the Goldburgers secret sauce.

Insider Tip:

Get your burger here medium rare, it will melt in your mouth and the flavours will burst out.

3. Boston, Massachusetts:

As your head into Boston, you will be astonished by the Pleathora of local, fresh eateries on offer. From local delis to farmers markets & food halls each take the fresh ingredients from the cities surrounding farms to create something truly special! Boston is also famous for it's local breweries, so be sure to wash down that Clam Chowder with a nice ale.

Famed Boston Dishes:

Clam Chowder:

Famous Boston dishes include the Clam chowder, a tasty seafood soup with onion, carrots and cream. You have to accompany this dish with a pale ale.

Boston Clam Chowder East coast foodie road trip. Source: (Ultimate Foodie Road trip East Coast U.S.A)

Boston Cream Pie:

For desert, dive head first into a Boston Cream pie, which is a type of butter cake smothered with vanilla custard and a chocolate glazing! In the summer, be sure to get the fresh berries on top.

Cape Cod and the Islands

A popular restaurant to try the above Boston dishes is Cape Cod and the islands!

Boston Seafood Festival

If you are taking this east coast road trip during early august, you have to attend the Boston Seafood Festival.

This is an epic event which offers cooking demonstrations, and modern twists on contemporary Boston dishes. The atmosphere here is electric and of course the food is mouth watering!

Boston Seafood Festival. Source: (Ultimate Foodie Road trip East Coast U.S.A)

Quincy Market

The Quincy Market food hall offers a festival like atmosphere,  but is open all year round.  Quincy Market offers a vast selection of 36 international food eateries, making it the largest food hall in New England.

Located at Faneuil Hall Marketplace expect to try superb dishes such as creamy “MMMAc ’n Cheese BBQ Chicken” or the special cup cake delights courtesy of  Wicked Good Cupcakes.

Quincy Food Market. (Ultimate Foodie Road trip East Coast U.S.A)


4 South Market St, Boston, MA 02109.

Alden & Harlow

For something a little more low key, head to Alden & Harlow  a rustic style restaurant which offers an mouth watering selection of Burgers, ribs and Beef Briskets. The secret burger here is one of the most tender in Boston & has limited availability each day.

4. New York City:

"I want to be a part of it, New York, New York". New York City is a vibrant, diverse city which has a large immigrant history from Italian, to Jewish and Hispanic neighbourhoods.

This variety of influences have created a culinary melting pot of the most delicious dishes on the East Coast!

Driving into a city like New York can be overwhelming. You will ask yourself questions like Where to start? Which Restaurant? Which foods to try? If your on Town & Tourists, East Coast Foodie Road Trip you will want to get as many dishes under your belt as you can. So it's best to start at one of the great Food Halls/Markets in NYC.

Gansevoort Market:

Gansevoort Market is a industrial food market which offers 24 vendors in a well lit dining area. Located in the Meatpacking District you have to swing by this place!

Great dishes include top notch seafood from Donotia and David Boudana’s Sushi Doji.

Gansevoort market food hall New York City. (Ultimate Foodie Road trip East Coast U.S.A)

If your in a hurry grab a delight from Dana’s Bakery. Expect to see, Franch Macarons in smooth All american flavours such as red velvet, s’mores and key lime pie.

Pizza Loves Emily — Brooklyn

Pizza Loves Emily, is a cozy, gourmet eatery which serves wood-fired pizzas, rustic small plates, pasta and the ever popular Emmy Burger!

Insider Tip:

Get down early to try The Emmy Burger, as it has limited availability each night. The dry aged beef patty is stacked with aged Grafton Cheddar cheese, caramelized onions and a Korean Chilli Sauce.

The unique thing about this burger is it's actually inside a pretzel bun!

Ninja - Unique Restaurant:

Ninja, is one of the most Unique Restaurants in NYC, an underground ninja village which offers a vast selection of tasty Japanese dishes.

But watch out for the nunchucks and surprise attacks by the Ninjas! This is definitely a restaurant full of surprises!

Chelsea Market/Food Hall

The ever popular Chelsea Market is a food hall, shopping mall, office building and even a television production facility all rolled into one!

Situated in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, in New York City. At 13,000 square feet, this is one hell of a facility.

Bringing in approximately 6 million national and international visitors every year, it is one of the most magnetising destinations in New York City!  Overall, Chelsea Market is a neighborhood market with a global perspective.

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A post shared by Chelsea Market (@chelseamarketny) on 2019-02-28T22:57:00.000+06:00

For food enthusiasts, it is possible to enter the Market at one end in the morning and not exit the other until lunchtime, without ever getting bored and definitely without ever going hungry!

Then even offer fun one of events like “buon’Italia” Cheese tasting! With over 35 vendors purveying everything from soup to nuts, cheese to cheesecake. Wash it down with the finest wines or coffees from around the world.

The Food here will have you drooling with desire and we truly admire it’s creativity!

White Manna – Hackensack, New Jersey

Take a drive out to this New Jersey Institution,  that is White Manna.  Try their famed burgers with a delicious shake and some crinkle cut fries. This place was established in 1946!

5. Philadelphia, PN

The home of Philly Cheesesteaks, a long breaded roll stuffed with steak and covered with melted american cheese! Philadelphia is also famed for its street food which included stone baked pizza, pretzels and a variety of internationals dishes.

Best place for a Philly Cheesesteak:

For a Philly Cheesesteak you have alot of options which will depend on your budget and the quality your after! But here is a couple epic spots:  Pat’s King of Steaks and Geno’s Steaks.

Reading Terminal Market

This is one of the most historic food halls on our list, originally started back in 1892, this vintage food emporium grew to a vibrant food hall by the 1990’s.

Following this many new vendors came into to play and the food hall grew. Such vendors as Meltkraft, Shepard Creamerys grilled cheese shop and the tubby olive proved successful bringing with each of them a unique flavour.

Reading Terminal Food Market. Photo by (Ultimate Foodie Road trip East Coast U.S.A)

One of our favourites was the “Hunger Burger” by George & Mezze.

This includes deliciously unique burgers such as Philberts with( american cheese, and apple wood smoky bacon) and the Fun guy, a great gourmet cheddar cheese and mushroom burger. Wash this all down with a tasty Bassetts Ice Cream milkshake.

The Philly style roast pork sandwich at Hershels East Side Deli is also a major treat, although be aware of the long queue’s!

If your in a hurry? Swing over to the Flying Monkey Bakery for a cake pie hybrid called the Pumpple!

KQ Burger

Favourite among the locals, KQ Burger serves creative burgers, hand cut fries, and fried chicken sandwiches with a seasonal topping selection.

Insider Tip:

Try the classic double cheeseburger with the KQ secret sauce, grilled red onions and local mushrooms.

6. Delaware

Continuing on your East coast foodie road trip drive from Philadelphia and take a brief food stop in Delaware.

Delaware is a truly underrated state for foodies and often gets overshadowed by its big culinary brother in Philadelphia. In fact, a great thing about Delaware being so underated is the fact that you can get a table and the top restaurants, almost any night we ease.

Here are a couple to try on your East coast Foodie Road Trip.

Sambo's Tavern - Leipsic

Sambos is a historic Harbor side restaurant which has been owned by the same family for over 50 years! This is a multiple award winning place but they have not let it go to their heads.

There "Best of" awards include ,Best Crab House, Best Crab Cake and even Best pub!

Sambos Tavern in Delaware. (Ultimate Foodie Road trip East Coast U.S.A)

Insider Tip:

As this is a Pub/Restaurant there is age restrictions especially in the evening, so keep that in mind if your traveling as a family.


Ulysses Gastropub – Wilmington

Ulysses Gastropub  is a gastro pub which concentrates of local, fresh produce straight from the farm. Popular dishes include their Juicy Angus Beef Burger which is caked in a addictive onion Marmalade.

7. Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore is not just a place for crab foodies, its a city that in recent years has become a whole lot more international. There are some fantastic restaurants in Baltimore where you can try everything from Venezuelan arepas, to Asian fusion dishes.

Rye Street Tavern:

New Yorks Award-winning chef Andrew Carmellini has created this real culinary gem. Special dishes here include: Chesapeake Bay seafood and hearty foods like chicken melts.

The raw seafood bar serves, Marylands finest oysters, shrimp and tuna.

The stylish interior decor offers floor to ceiling winds and outdoor seating overlooking the water.

Rye_Street tavern east coast. Source: Rye Street Tavern. (Ultimate Foodie Road trip East Coast U.S.A)

EkibenIf you want a casual asian fusion eatery, this is the perfect place to take a drive to. This is a popular place for veggies, vegans and others a fusion between indian, Thai and even Ethiopian flavours! The price is very cheap, and tofu bites are great.

Captain James Landing Seafood PalaceThis is a 45 year old landmark of Baltimore, hop on board the ship where you can be sure the steamed crabs were caught just this morning.Highlights include, all you can eat crabs and crab soup. The prices here are very reasonable considering the unique experience on offer.
Captain James Seafood Palace Restaurant. (Ultimate Foodie Road trip East Coast U.S.A)

8. Washington D.C

As the capital of the USA, expect alot of fine dining restaurants popular with politicians & diplomats. In addition, to tasty cafes for quick working lunches.

Ben Chili Bowl:

A famed venue here is Bens Chili bowl, established in 1958 this place has been a pillar of the community. They welcome regulars and of course those on east coast foodie road trips!

Former President Obama even dropped by in 2009, which as you might have guessed created a buzz at the restaurant.

Union Market

Head down to Union Market food hall for a selection of 40 odd local pop up’s and culinary masters giving you a wide choice of selection.

If you would rather a traditional style restaurant check out Bidwell, started by top chef John Mooney.

Our favourite dish here was the gin and tonic salmon with caramelized cauliflower and fried oysters on the side, lathered with an emerald an chilli buttermilk sauce.  Wan’t to eat healthy? Expect your meals to include fresh vegetables and fruits, grow in the rooftop garden! Can’t get much fresher than that can we?

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Best night of the month 📽 The drive-in is back again tmrw with Clueless. More info via link in profile. #unionmarketdc

A post shared by  Union Market DC (@unionmarketdc) on 2018-06-01T02:39:00.000+06:00

If you would prefer something more casual, head over to the indoor food hall trucks. DC Empanadas, is a great place for grilled Philly cheesesteak and juicy pulled pork.

TaKorean, is also a fine spot for something a little less heavy,  bulgogi-and-kimchi tacos.

Desert? Head to Co. Co. fine Chocolatiers, where you can try everything from Chocolate lathered bacon and even piping hot cocoa pops!

Truckeroo Food Truck Festival:

Truckeroo Food Truck Festival, is a monthly food festival held April through September.

The family friendly event features great food, live music, cold drinks, games, and more. Popular with the locals prices are really affordable.

Truckeroo Food Truck Festival. (Ultimate Foodie Road trip East Coast U.S.A)

9. West Virginia

West Virginia attracts many for it's variety of outdoor activities from hiking to pack rafting. However, all this adventure can sure build up an appetite, so try these tasty restaurants and quirky diners.

King Tut Drive in

King Tut Drive-In offers a drive back in time to 1950's america. Park up and watch your rollerskating waitress drive up to your vehicle with burgers & shakes made from fresh ice cream!

Although it may be fast food, the pie and buns here are homemade and contain no preservatives. Having been filling diners bellies since the 1940's this place sure keeps to it's roots and has offers bargain prices.

King tut drive inn (Ultimate Foodie Road trip East Coast U.S.A)[/caption]

Hillbilly Hot Dogs

Another casual, friendly venue is Hillbilly Hot Dogs.   Which serve customized hog dogs with their famed "Weenie Builder".

Popular menu options include "Chucks Junk Yard Dog" which also includes homemade chilli and the Pizza Dog with melted cheese & pepperoni. The hillbilly deserts are a great afters treat.

Hill billy hotdogs west virginia. Source: Fotospot. (Ultimate Foodie Road trip East Coast U.S.A)

Avenue Eats

Avenue Eats in Wheeling, offers a pleathora of some of the tastiest gourmet burgers on the east  coast. With golden buns, tender beef patties and unique toppings such as melted blue cheese with pear.

10. North Carolina

Morgan Street Food Hall

Located in Raleigh, North Carolina is Morgan Street food hall a place which has a passion for great flavours and a vast selection of tongue sizzling eateries, thus making it a foodies heaven.

Here you can try everything from authentic stone baked pizza from  “Bella’s Wood Fried Pizza and Tapas” , to Cousins Maine Lobster, YoHo Hibachi & Sushi Burrito and Oak City Fish & Chips! If your in a hurry try out, the appropriately named “Curry in a hurry!”

For Deserts check out Mama Bird’s Cookies + Cream or Bad Cat Coffee, Crepes, & Bagels! Wash it all down with a no added sugar Bubble tea or smoothie from Boba Brew.

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A post shared by Morgan Street Food Hall (@morganstreetfoodhall) on 2019-08-19T19:59:00.000+06:00

They even run early morning Yoga and Pilates on occasion…now that’s food for thought!

Al’s Burger Shack

If you just fancy a quick yet, juicy burger for the road head to Al's Burger shack in Chapel Hill, NC. All their burgers are made from local ingredients and they are famed for their southern hospitality. Their motto "good is good Ya'll" says it all.

11. Charleston, South Carolina

Heading toward the Deep South is Charleston, a historic city with city war heritage and some delicious southern dishes. Foodie highlights include, fresh local seafood and southern delicacies such as friend chicken, grits and sweet tea.

The food venues here range from old school diners to new high end restaurants.

Charleston Wine & Food Festival

The Food and Wine Festival is the ideal opportunity to experience the city’s vibrant restaurant scene all in one place. Next event: MARCH 4 - 8, 2020

Charlestone wine & food festival eastcoast (Ultimate Foodie Road trip East Coast U.S.A)

Little Jack's Tavern

Little Jack's Tavern is an old school american tavern serving epic burgers, tender steaks strong drinks and creative cocktails.

The best burger here is the Double Tavern Burger, a lean meat patty with american cheese and the secret tavern sauce.

12. Atlanta, Georgia


A trendy American-ingredient focused restaurant, the dishes are small & experimental they tend to alternate as local produce become available.  A staple on the menu is the Bocado burger stack with American cheese and house-made pickles

Krog Street Market

A vibrant culinary hub of Atlanta, that your tongue with thank you for! Located in Inman Park a trendy upcoming area popular with foodies! Here your can find a great selection of eateries, restaurants, bars and even retail shops.

Krog Street Food Hall Georgia (Ultimate Foodie Road trip East Coast U.S.A)

Currently the venue has 24 food vendors from Grand Champion BBQ to Japanese small dishes and meaty grills!  For desert, sample a some fair-trade Ice Cream from the cult classic Jeni’s, made with fresh, whole fruits for flavours.

Krog street Market and Food Hall, Atlanta, Georgia , U.S.A

Location: 99 Krog St, Atlanta, Georgia.

East Coast Foodie Road Trip Map & Routes:

Share the map above on Facebook by hitting the link in the top right corner. From there you can follow the route from whichever state your in!


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