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Egypt Trip Cost: Pricing for Flights, Food & Accommodation

Plan your Egypt trip with ease! Get a complete breakdown of costs for flights, food, accommodation, and tips on saving money. Ideal for travelers on a budget.

Tobi Miles
October 14, 2022
Egypt Trip Cost: Pricing for Flights, Food & Accommodation

Egypt is the land of myths and legends with over 2000 Gods and Goddesses. It is the earliest and greatest ancient civilization and the inventor of the 365-day calendar. One look at all the ancient artifacts that Egypt offers and you know you should be packing your bags for this African country. But what will your Egypt trip cost?

The average cost of a 1-week trip to Egypt is $1644, including the $800 flight fare from North America. You will spend an average daily fee of $50 on accommodation, $32 on transportation, $17 on food, and $21 on attractions. You need $25 for a visa on arrival and spend about $100-$200 for miscellaneous bills like tips and souvenirs. 

Egypt is relatively affordable to visit and gives you so much value for your money. The things to do and places to visit in Egypt are inexhaustible. However, it often means more spending. 

Read on to see the breakdown of what your Egypt trip will cost you. You will also find tips on how to save money traveling to Egypt.  

How Much Money Should You Take On A Trip To Egypt

Credit: Sean Ellis / Flickr

A reasonable budget for a 7-day fun trip to Egypt is $1600-$2000. This amount covers accommodation, transportation, food, activities, and attractions. 

Round-trip flight tickets from airports across North America to Egypt cost an average of $800. You will spend an average of $120 on the rest of your expenses

$50-70 will afford you a mid-range hotel in major Egyptian cities for a night. You can take $2.50 taxis in a town or $5-$10 trains for intercity travel. Meals typically cost between $5-7, and groceries are cheaper than in the US if you decide to make your meals.

Activities cost between $2-$10 per activity, although some can go as high as $20. However, free activities are also available if you don't want to strain your budget. 

There's no limit to what you can spend during your Egypt vacation if you decide to lean toward the luxury travel style. First class tickets cost $3000-$5000, while 4-5 star hotels cost $500-$900 per night. 

You can either use an Uber or hire a driver for local transportation, depending on where you are and how comfortable you want to be. 

How To Travel To Egypt On A Tight Budget

Credit: Jerzy Kociatkiewicz / Flickr

Egypt is relatively cheaper to visit on a tight budget than most European or North American countries. You will find the cost of accommodation, local transportation, meals, and activities affordable. 

A 7-day trip to Egypt on a tight budget will cost you an average of $900-$1000. However, this may often mean that you'll slightly adjust your lifestyle.

You can get a good deal for a round-trip flight from North America to Egypt for $582 or less. Some travelers have found good flight deals for as low as $235. Several travel sites offer cheap flights, especially when you book in advance and during the low season.

Major cities have backpacker hostels that cost an average of $8-$13 per night. The taxi price depends on the distance but costs an average of $2.50. Trains are available for intercity travel with an average cost of $5

The average cost of a meal goes as low as $5. Breakfast is usually complimentary, even in hostels, while street food is as cheap as $1 per meal. The famous falafel sandwich is very filling and costs only $1.

For entrance fees, activities in Egypt can be free or cost as low as $2-$10. You can visit the monastery of Saint Simon or walk across the Nile on the Qasr El Nil bridge for free.

Basic Expenses On A Trip To Egypt

Your basic expenses include flight tickets, accommodation, transportation, food, activities, and random spending. Here's a detailed breakdown of each item to enable you to budget accurately.

1. Flight Tickets

Flight fares are usually the most expensive part of your journey to any country. Factors such as traveling during main holidays, booking in advance, and even the day of flight influence prices.

The average estimate for a round-trip flight to Egypt from North America is $800. This price can increase to $1200 during Christmas/New year and Easter/April holidays. Or drop to $400 during the off-peak season in Autumn months and February.

The Nile cruise is a favorite tourist activity that guarantees stops in major cities like Luxor and Aswan. However, it is not flexible but has a specific time it leaves and arrives. It is essential to plan your flight around this cruise, so you don't miss it.

2. Accommodation

Credit: Alan Paterson / Flickr

The accommodation cost depends on your travel style and the city you are staying in. However, the accommodation has reasonable prices in Egypt, with several types.

Backpacker hostels are available in make cities at an average cost of $8-$13 per night. Most hotels include breakfast, and you get a private or shared bathroom. Some will offer an additional fee for horse riding, movie nights, walking, and bike tours.

Mid-range hotels cost an average of $30 per night with good facilities. Most have Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, and private bathrooms with bathrobes and slippers. Some will offer you a free airport shuttle, and you can get a balcony with great views.

Luxury hotels cost between $500-$900 per night. These hotels fit world standards with breakfast buffets, saunas, heated pools, and free airport shuttle. You will also be guaranteed breathtaking views of the pyramids of Giza and the Nile River.

3. Transportation

Credit: Phillip Marsh / Flickr

Egypt has several means of transportation to suit every style and budget. Most towns are small enough to walk them, or you can choose from taxis, buses, trams, and boats. Intercity travel is possible with either flight, trains, boats, or cruises.

If you have a tour guide, we recommend asking them what transportation mode is best for each movement. Here's a review of some of Egypt's most popular transport means. 

  • Taxis in Egypt are shared alongside passengers the driver will pick along the way. The average fare is $2.50, but it is essential to know the exact price to avoid getting ripped off.
  • Calèches (hantour) are horse-drawn buggies also used for transportation within a city. The prices are slightly higher than taxis, but prices are negotiable. Locals are always willing to help you with the price, so don't forget to ask them beforehand.
  • Buses are available for moving within a city and for intercity travel. Major routes have a/c buses with an average cost of $3-.$4. The buses that ply local routes are non-air conditioned with lower prices between $0.50-$2.
  • The Nile cruise acts as a means of transportation to several cities and also as a tourist activity. It comes with a travel package or can be arranged personally from the thousands of boats (Feluccas) lining the river. $50-$60 per day will get you a substandard boat, or you can arrange a better tour for $400.
  • Flying is another way to travel between cities, with prices between $100-$400. Although expensive, it offers incredible views of the Nile valley and the Sinai.
  • The Air-conditioned train costs $2-$20. In contrast, the non-AC train is unreliable but is the only option on some routes. Sleeper cabins for longer journeys cost an average of $60, with breakfast and dinner.
  • Hiring a driver who acts as a guide is a great way to move from city to city. The price depends on the distance, but it costs an average of $70 per day. Contact your hotel to get the best and most reliable driver/pricing.

4. Food & Drinks

Credit: Sue Kellerman / Flickr

Food costs in Egypt are reasonably priced and very affordable, even for the budget traveler. As usual, the cost of fast food is cheaper than a meal at a sit-down restaurant.

Breakfast is usually complimentary and included in your accommodation, even if you stay in a hostel. It costs between $5-$10 for lunch or dinner at an average restaurant. You can eat a filling falafel sandwich for lunch for just $1.

Alcohol costs $2.91, and you must ask your hotel since most restaurants don't sell it. Tap water is unsafe to drink, so consider buying bottled water for $0.20 and carrying it on your Nile cruise.

5. Activities & Attractions

Credit: rene de paula jr / Flickr

Egypt is the land of tourist activities and attractions. Famous ones include the Pyramids of Giza, Karnak Temple, Abu Simbel Temple, Siwa Oasis, Philae, and the Valley of the Kings. Most of these activities are part of the Nile cruise.

The Nile cruise costs an average of $400-$600 for 3-4 days. It includes Queen Hatshepsut's Temple, Luxor Temple, Kom Ombo, Karnak Temple, etc. Additional private guided tours, such as Abu Simbel Temple or a day trip to Alexandria, cost an average of $80. 

Other private tours, such as the great Pyramids of Giza or a day tour of Cairo, cost an average of $60. Most entrance fees cost between $2-$10, and some can reach $20.

Free activities include visiting the Mosque of Ibn Tulun, Al-Azhar park, the monastery of Saint Simon, and the Khan el-Khalil bazaar. You can also walk El Moez street and view its historic walls or visit the beach for free.

6. Travel Insurance And Other Miscellaneous Items

Travel Insurance is non-negotiable when traveling overseas to protect you from unforeseen circumstances. Many insurance agencies offer different types of travel insurance. Check and compare the quotes from these agencies and choose the package that covers all.

A Visa fee is a necessary expense when traveling to Egypt. It costs $25 to get a visa on arrival at the airport, and remember to carry cash for it.

Egypt is big on tipping, so always carry small changes to tip drivers, attendants, restaurants, etc. You should include the cost for souvenirs such as Egyptian papyrus, alabaster figurines, etc. Most merchants hike prices, so always negotiate prices.

How To Save Money On Your Trip To Egypt

Egypt is a huge tourist destination, and all its cities have numerous activities and attractions. We understand that there'll be times when you may choose to travel on a budget. Here are some money-saving hacks to help you bring down the cost of your Egypt trip. 

1. Travel During The Shoulder Season

Credit: David Evers / Flickr

The cost of flights, accommodation and other expenses will be higher during peak seasons. Peak seasons include Christmas and New year holidays in December to January and Easter holidays in April.

September, October, and February are shoulder months, and do not see an influx of tourists. There's still a lot of sunshine, but temperatures are cooler, especially in the evening. Your travel expenses will decrease during this period.

2. Book For Flights And Accommodation In Advance

Credit: Aldas Kirvaitis / Flickr

Many travelers have luck in finding cheap flight deals when they book ahead. Securing your flight tickets 3-6 months in advance will enable you to find the cheapest flights. Even when traveling during the peak months, you will find cheaper deals when you book in advance

Fares for intercity travel increase as seats are booked and reserving ahead will save you money. Remember to check your bookings within 72 hours because overbooking is common in Egypt.

3. Travel In Groups

Credit: Caribb / Flickr

Private tours are usually more costly than group tours if you travel alone. However, these costs decrease a lot if you travel in a group.

For example, a private tour of $230 shared among six people will cost $38 per day. Furthermore, splitting the cost of accommodation, transportation, and food will save you a lot of money.

4. Consider Cooking Your Meals

Credit: Mun Keat Looi / Flickr

Egypt has several restaurants, from Italian to Chinese or even French, and it will be easy to spend a lot of money trying them out. Cooking your own meals will still save you money. 

Hostels and many mid-range hotels have kitchen facilities to enable you to cook. The cost of groceries in Egypt is cheaper than in the United States. An average of $4 is enough to buy groceries that will last a day.

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