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Best Time To Visit Scandinavia (Outdoor Fun For All Seasons)

Discover the best times for outdoor fun in Scandinavia, from summer kayaking to winter Northern Lights. Ideal travel tips for all seasons await!

Tobi Miles
August 4, 2022
Best Time To Visit Scandinavia (Outdoor Fun For All Seasons)

Scandinavia is a region in Europe that consists of Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. This region is known for having trendy cities and beautiful landscapes. It’s also a very safe area to travel to, with a low crime rate. So, when’s the best time to visit Scandinavia?

July and August are the best times to visit Scandinavia. The weather is beautiful, with daily temperatures of 70 to 74 F/ 21 to 23 C. There are more activities in summer, such as kayaking, berry picking, and cycling. The cheapest month to visit is February, when you can get nearly half off hotels and flights.

Do you want to visit one or all of the countries in Scandinavia? Today, we’re going to talk about the best time to visit. We will also discuss what you can expect each month when you travel.

When You Shouldn’t Visit Scandinavia

January is the coldest month in Scandinavia. You can expect temperatures to drop to 27 F/ -3 C. While this is great weather for skiing, it limits the number of outdoor activities you can do. It’s also more difficult to explore the different countries.

Credit: Cristy / Flickr

September is the rainiest month in Scandinavia. On average, there are 7 days of rain throughout the month. There may be a day or two of rain that ruin travelers’ plans for the day.

When Is The Cheapest Month To Visit Scandinavia?

The cheapest time to visit is February. This is when travelers are able to get discounted rates on both accommodation and flights. Most of your traveling budget will go towards these two things.

Always start searching for flights at least 2 months ahead of time, if not earlier. This is how you can find to best rates for countries in Scandinavia.

The average cost of a round-trip flight to a country in Scandinavia is $880. In February, rates are lower at around $600. Flights are always the most expensive in the summer months, with rates dropping in October and throughout the winter months.

Credit: Cristy / Flickr

There are hotels for all budgets in countries throughout Scandinavia. Rates fluctuate based on the demands of the tourist season. Hotels will have higher rates from June through September. In October and November, prices drop and remain lower through February.

Castle House Inn in Stockholm, Sweden is a top-rated hotel. During the summer season, rates are as high as $155 per night. In October, they drop to as low as $90 per night. Throughout the rest of winter, rates remain in the low 90s.

Best Time To Visit Scandinavia: Monthly Breakdown

January: Best Month For Winter Activities

January days in Scandinavia are cold and snowy. The daily average temperature is around 27 F/ -3 C. If you enjoy winter weather, you’ll have a lot of fun in these countries this time of year.

Credit: Ilkka Jukarainen / Flickr

This is the perfect weather for activities in the snow. Visitors can enjoy skiing, snowshoeing, dog sledding, or snowmobiling. To stay in the winter spirit, you can stay at an ice hotel or visit an ice bar. The world’s first Ice Hotel is in Northern Sweden.

  • Snowshoeing
  • Warm drinks at an ice bar
  • New Year’s Day

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February: Best Month For A Couple’s Trip

Scandinavia is a romantic place for a Valentine's Day getaway. There are many cozy places to stay that are ideal for couples. One of the top places for couples to stay is The Treehotel in Sweden. Enjoy massages, romantic dinners, and a room up in a tree.

Credit: cjoni / Flickr

The Winter months are the best time of year to see the Northern Lights. All three countries in Scandinavia are some of the top places in the world to see the Northern lights. This is one of the many reasons people want to travel to Scandinavia.

  • Valentine’s Day
  • See the Northern Lights
  • Skiing

March: Best Time For Food And Drinks

March is a good month to bring your appetite to Scandinavia. There are a lot of great local restaurants and pubs in these countries.

March 1st is Beer Day. This celebrates the end of the prohibition of beer. Breakfast enthusiasts will want to visit towards the end of the month. Waffle Day is on March 25.

Credit: Amy Ross / Flickr

The weather in March is milder than in previous months. The daily average temperature is around 42 F/ 6 C. However, evenings are colder with lows around 25 F/ -4 C. There are still opportunities for winter activities, like skiing and snowshoeing.

  • St. Patricks Day
  • Beer Day
  • Waffle Day

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April: Best Time To Avoid Crowds


April is an excellent month to avoid crowds. This time of year, you will have missed the winter activity tourists. You will also arrive before the summer rush. This is one of the best times to enjoy restaurants, attractions, and other hot spots without a lot of people.

Temperatures in Scandinavia range from 48 to 52 F/ 9 to 11 C in April. More cafes and terraces open their outdoor patios in April. It’s also a great time of year to explore the landscapes and see early spring wildflowers.

  • Drink hot coffee outdoors
  • Take pictures of flowers
  • Spring hikes

May: Best Time In Spring

Days in May are mild, with an average temperature of 62 F/ 17 C. It’s a great time of year for hiking and exploring because it’s not too hot. There are many trails, beaches, and parks to explore.

Some of the national parks to check out are Thy in Denmark, Asnen in Sweden, and Ronadane in Norway. This is the perfect time of year to stop for a picnic lunch when exploring one of the parks.

  • Visit national parks
  • Picnic lunch
  • Enjoy seasonal spring dishes at local restaurants

June: Best Weather

June has some of the most beautiful weather in countries throughout Scandinavia. Days range from 63 to 69 F/ 17 to 20.5 C. Visitors love to spend time outdoors, seeing more of the region.

credit: shutterstock

This is a great time of year to look into a cruise tour. There are several options for cruises that take travelers to all 3 countries in Scandinavia. The Best Of Scandinavia Classic tour is a 9-day tour that takes guests on both a train and a cruise.

  • Cruise tour
  • Visit The Little Mermaid sculpture (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • Shopping in a Scandinavian city

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July: Best Month For Events And Festivals

July is one of the most popular months for tourism. This is because the countries in Scandinavia have great weather and plenty of fun events and festivals. Most days range from 60 to 72 F/ 15.5 to 22 C.

credit: shutterstock

Viking Plays are performed every year in June in Denmark. The Kongsberg Jazz Festival has been held in Norway annually since 1964. One of the biggest music festivals, the Roskilde Festival, is held in Denmark. Sweden hosts the Karlshamm Baltic Festival as well.

  • Konsberg Jazz Festival
  • Karlshamm Baltic Festival
  • Roskilde Festival

August: Pride And Music

Beautiful summer weather and longer days continue throughout August. Visitors have plenty of reasons to book a trip to one of the Scandinavian countries this time of year. From lush nature and scenery to fun festivals, there’s something for everyone.

credit: shutterstock

One of the biggest events in August is Stockholm Pride. This non-profit event has been held in the early days of August since 1998.

There are several musical events in August as well. This includes Oslo Chamber Music Festival, The Way Out West Festival, and Oslo Jazz Festival. The Malmo Festival is one of the biggest events of the summer with music, art, and food.

September: Museums, Shopping, And Culture

September is cooler with more rain, which makes it a great month for indoor attractions. All countries in Scandinavia have a rich selection of museums, historic sites, and galleries to visit.

credit: shutterstock

There are also some fantastic spots in these countries to go shopping. People can find unique items, like handmade products. They can also find some of the top fashion brands worldwide.

  • Shop at Antikhallarna in Sweden
  • Visit Moesgarrd Musuem in Denmark
  • Visit The Polar Museum in Norway

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October: Cooler Days

If you enjoy exploring nature in crisp weather, October is a good month to visit a country in Scandinavia. Daily average temperatures are around 54 F/ 12 C. Nature walks are beautiful this time of year as leaves change to a yellow color.

There are a few film festivals that take place in autumn. The Bergen International Film Festival is held in Norway. It has been going on for over 20 years and premieres over 100 films. MIX Copenhagen LGBT Film Festival is also in October.

  • Nature walks
  • MIX Copenhagen
  • Bergen International Film Festival

November: Winter Arrives

Winter is beginning throughout November. Visitors can expect cold nights and the occasional snowfall. Daytime average temperatures are around 40 F/ 4.5 C, but nighttime can drop below freezing.

credit: shutterstock

Film enthusiasts will want to visit this time of year. The Stockholm International Film Festival takes place for 12 days in the middle of the month. Over 200 films are shown from different genres.

  • Stockholm Internation Film Festival
  • All Saint’s Day
  • St. Martin’s Day

December: Holidays In Scandinavia

Countries in Scandinavia are ready to show off their Christmas spirit in December. Visitors can expect to see plenty of decorations and holiday lights. For a magic sight, head to Lane of Light in Gothenburg, Sweden. There are also several Christmas markets to find unique handmade goods and holiday sweets.

credit: shutterstock

The Nobel Peace Prize ceremony is held annually in Olso, Norway. Over 1000 guests are invited to this exclusive event, including members of Sweden’s royal family.

  • Christmas shopping
  • Holiday decorations
  • Nobel Peace Prize ceremony
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