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Best Time To Visit Belize (For Diving, Birding, & Relaxing)

Plan your perfect Belize getaway! Find out the best months for diving, birding, and relaxing in this paradise. Beat the crowds and enjoy ideal weather.

Tobi Miles
July 1, 2022
Best Time To Visit Belize (For Diving, Birding, & Relaxing)

Belize is a small but interesting country on the eastern coast of Central America known for its temperate climate. It also boasts crystal-clear waterfalls, lush rainforest, jungles, plenty of wildlife, and Mayan ruins – all of which makes for an unforgettable vacation.

There are also plenty of things to see and do in Belize, such as hiking through rainforest trails or diving in crystal clear waters. So, when is the best time to visit Belize?

The best time to visit Belize is between December and May when the weather is warm, and the scenery and wildlife are at their best. Even though this high season attracts many tourists. Dealing with crowds is no issue compared to the clear skies, warm temperatures, and exciting experience at one of the world's top attractions.

So, if you're looking for a destination off the beaten path filled with natural beauty, then Belize is the perfect place for you. Follow along as we explore the best time to visit Belize, the weather condition, and the most delightful activities you can attend year-round.

When Should You Not Visit Belize?

Credit: anoldent / Flickr

June and October are the time to avoid visiting Belize. During these months, storms and frequent rainfall affect this coastal country. So, you'll want to keep an eye on the weather temperature before visiting Belize.

Additionally, there are fewer to no business operations during this period because of the high risk of hurricanes and colds. The clearest sunny days are most prevalent on the Cayes and in Cayo District. Placencia and Toledo District tend to have a more tropical climate with a high probability of rainfall at any time.

This peculiarity gives Belize a unique attractiveness. It's possible to visit Belize at any time of the year. However, you may experience cold and hurricanes during the intensive rainy seasons. Therefore, the best time to visit Belize is between December and May. Ensure you book your trip on time so you don't encounter any delays.

What Kind of Climate and Weather Condition Does Belize Have?

Credit: ingimage

Belize has a subtropical climate that's convenient for traveling throughout the year. The median yearly temperature is around 80 degrees Fahrenheit, with a humidity level of 85%.

The coldest winter temperatures could reach 60 degrees Fahrenheit. But in the hottest seasons, the temperature can reach about 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Usually, trade winds blow along the Cayes and Coast throughout the year, keeping the temperature convenient and comfortable. Rain falls mostly in the lowland jungle regions and in the South. But, it falls less frequently on the Cayes and in the North.

The climate can be determined by altitude, depending on the time of the day. The elevations are usually very high and cool in the evening. However, the lowland jungle areas are often humid and muggy.

Belize has a large ecosystem, considering it's nearly the same size as Massachusetts. It has tropical jungles (a homeland for jaguars).

You can't forget the popular Belize Barrier Reef (the second-largest in the world, right after the Great Barrier Reef in Australia), and its aging but evergreen rainforests.

Even though Belize is slightly small, there's no great difference in the monthly climatic condition of each of the regions. The hottest average temperatures are usually Inland, where the atmosphere of the land isn't cooled by the breeze cruising off the Caribbean Sea.

The lowest yearly temperature in Cayo District is 69 degrees Fahrenheit. In comparison, the maximum annual temperature is 88 degrees Fahrenheit. The average annual high temperature is slightly lower at 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Finally, the lowest at 73 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Maya Mountains represent the region with the coldest annual temperatures at an average of 78 degrees Fahrenheit, while the average lowest is 64 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, these changes in latitude do not affect the region's altitude. The geographical diversity in Belize is quite vast and has different features that'll make your experience fun and memorable.

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When is the Best Season to Visit Belize?

Credit: Meritt Thomas / Unsplash

Belize has two different seasons - the dry and the wet seasons. The dry season usually runs from December through May, while the wet season is from June to November. Rain can occur in tropical areas at any time, but rainfalls are quite brief during the dry seasons.

Dry Season: Best Season for Travel

The Belize dry season usually starts from December to May, and this is also the best season for cruising and traveling. During this period, the climate is characterized by cool trade winds, warm and hot temperatures, little rain, and sunny days.

Strong winds (known as 'nortes') often blow from December to February. While, March and April come with little rain, calm and pleasant temperatures, and clear water. When rain falls during the dry season, it falls briefly. This results in a pleasant and comforting cooling effect.

Additionally, during the high season, especially around the Easter and Christmas holidays, prices of goods are typically higher. As a result, hotels and motels tend to be more crowded.

Most of all, the Belize small ship cruises sell out fast. So, we recommend booking your slot early if you intend to visit Belize during the dry season.

Rainy Season: Low Season for Travel

The rainy season, also known as “Belize's low season” or green season, starts from June to November. It is usually characterized by brief warm temperatures and long (intense) rain. As a result, the rainforest blooms with flowers and trees, making wildlife and birds more accessible to travelers.

Tropical rainfall occurs in June or early July. But, from late July to August, rainfalls are short and scanty. This period is called the "little dry season." or "mauger."

The wettest months are from September to October. Rain showers drop in for about 1 to 2 two hours, except there's a tropical storm.

The amount of rain varies considerably depending on the region. For instance, Northern Belize can receive more than 50 inches yearly, while Southern Belize receives up to 150 inches annually.

Cheapest Time to Travel to Belize?

The best time to travel to Belize is after the dry season, which is from November. During that period, rain begins to fall, and the humidity level increases. As a result, flights and hotels offer discounts and reduce the prices of their services because of the temperature level.

Additionally, November is a time when fewer people travel. So, you can book a slot early and take off for a holiday without having to push yourself through the crowd. Plus, the costs of flight and accommodation will be very affordable.

When is the Best Time to Take a Cruise in Belize?

Credit: Shutterstock

Large ships cruise in Belize at any time of the year. The small ships in Belize cruise from October through April every year. The Belize catamaran charter cruises are always available throughout the year but take a short break in September and October.

The best time for cruising (sailing) in Belize is between June and November. Belize has great sailing conditions as the southeast trade winds are at an average of 10 to 14 knots.

The best time for cruising and visiting Belize’s atolls like Lighthouse Reef, Glovers Reef, or Turneffe Atoll is from November through February.

The cruise ships often encounter wind chop when on the barrier reef, but the waters are protected from the Caribbean ocean swells. However, boats can encounter ocean swells outside the reef.

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Best Time to View Rainforest Wildlife in Belize?

June and July are the best time to view rainforest wildlife in Belize. However, you can also view rainforest wildlife in Belize at other times of the year.

You'll see beautiful creatures like iguanas, monkeys, blue morpho butterflies, coatimundi, and many more. However, there are usually plenty of foods during the rainy season, so wildlife is most active during this season.

During the wet season, they'll be animals gorging on the trees and flowers. The best time of day to view rainforest wildlife is early in the morning, when the animals are most active.

To have the most memorable viewing experience, you'll need to get up before sunrise or at dawn. Interestingly, most lodges in Belize offer morning and night wildlife walks.

Is November a Good Time to Go to Belize?

Credit: Alisa Matthews / Unsplash

November can be a really great time to go to Belize, considering that the next month (December) is the holiday season and is always very busy. Although this month is the coolest in Belize, some travelers still find it sunny and warm.

During this period, there are usually fewer travelers on the road. It is mostly the transition between the dry and rainy seasons.

The Garifuna Settlement day falls on the 19th of November and is usually filled with fun activities. These activities include things such as traditional dancing, street music, and parades. So, there's no dull moment in this month.

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Best Time for Birding in Belize

One of the fun activities in Belize is bird-watching.  Belize has large neotropical landscapes and more than 500 bird species. Therefore, you can go bird-watching in Belize all year round.

Additionally, during the dry season from December through April, many migrating birds from North America join the native birds on Belize's coasts.

Also, during the wet season in Belize, migratory birds from South America come to visit. Therefore, most bird tours usually run from January to April.

Best Time for Diving and Snorkeling in Belize

Credit: ingimage

Diving and snorkeling are fun activities mostly enjoyable in Belize, considering that the water temperature is at an average of 84 degrees Fahrenheit. It is one of the top scuba and snorkeling destinations in the world.

The best time to travel to Belize for scuba diving and snorkeling is between April and June. During this time of the year, there's increased visibility because the water is clear and the winds are calm.

Although the condition of the Caribbean surface can be a bit choppy during the rainy season (July to October), it doesn't affect the visibility at the offshore reef sites.

There's usually a cooler temperature below and above the water surface from November to April. During this time, most divers prefer to dive in short wetsuits.

Best Time For Whale Watching in Belize

Credit: Todd Cravens / Unsplash

April and May through August are the best time for whale watching in Belize. However, you may also find just a few in March and June. Whale watching is an exciting experience, especially for nature lovers.

Whale shark viewing depends majorly on lunar cycles. Also, the best time to dive or snorkel with whale sharks is ten days after the full moon or two days before the full moon. If you're unsure of the exact time of the day, you can inquire from residents of the area.

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When is the Belize Conch Fishing Season?

The Belize conch fishing season runs from October to June or until the national catch limit is reached. Conch is seafood mostly common in Belize and the Caribbean. It is pounded thin and sauteed to make it soft or marinated in citrus.

Some of the favorite conch dishes in Belize include conch stew, conch chowder, conch ceviche, and conch fritters. Also, its hard shell is used to make jewelry, souvenirs, etc.

Aside from the conch, the Caribbean spiny lobster (called crayfish) is another delicious delicacy. The lobster season is restricted to June through February to maintain and sustain the different fish species.

Most of all, there are restrictions to this fishing. So, check your guide before going conch fishing or lobster hunting.

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