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Best Time To Go To Croatia (Explore Beautiful Cities & Landscapes)

Plan your Croatia trip with our guide on the best times to visit for stunning cities, landscapes, and festivals. Ideal for travelers seeking optimal experiences.

Tobi Miles
July 5, 2022
Best Time To Go To Croatia (Explore Beautiful Cities & Landscapes)

Croatia is known across the world for its rich culture, great food, and gorgeous beaches. There is no shortage of celebrations, festivals, and gorgeous views across all Croatia. So, when is the best time to go to Croatia?

The best time to go to Croatia is between May and August to get the full experience that Croatia has to offer. You won’t encounter many tourists in May, June, September, and October in Croatia. The worst time to go to Croatia is during the winter months because of the cold temperatures and lack of events.

Families can have the most fun in Croatia between May and early June before it gets too busy and hot. Dubrovnik is among the most popular destinations in Croatia because of its unique atmosphere. Follow along as we explore the best time to go to Croatia.

Worst Time to Visit Croatia

The worst time to go to Croatia is between December and February. Winter in Croatia is quite cold with strong winds, rain, and even snow. This can make it difficult to enjoy many of the fun things that Croatia is known for.

You won’t be able to have fun at the beach or one of the many beautiful national parks in Croatia. The only advantage to going to Croatia during the winter is that it’s fairly empty. You won’t encounter many other tourists because it is an unappealing time for international travelers.

Winter sports are mostly nonexistent in Croatia so you won’t even have them to fall back on. You can still have fun during the winter in Croatia, but your experiences will be limited. Visit Croatia during December to experience the fun Christmas festivities if you are dead set on going in the winter.

Cheapest Time to go to Croatia

The cheapest time to go to Croatia is from late April through June. You can find round-trip tickets to Croatia for as little as $900 in May, for example. The same tickets could cost you up to $1,500 or more if you go to Croatia in July or August.

Summer is when Croatia is the most crowded with tourists, and prices increase accordingly. This includes plane tickets and hotel room rates. Airlines give you the best deal if you buy your tickets to Croatia at least 3 months before your vacation.

Hotel rooms start at $70 per night in April and May in Croatia. Prices start to increase throughout June the closer you get to peak tourism season.

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What Time of the Year is the Best Weather in Croatia?

January: Best Time to Visit in the Winter

January is a cold time in the middle of winter for Croatia. Temperatures fluctuate between 32 and 46 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the month. It can snow for up to 10 days out of the month or even more during January in Croatia.

Check out Sunset Festival in January if you’re looking for a live music event. Night of the Museums is an annual event each January in Croatia that includes over 200 museums. Otherwise, Croatia is fairly quiet throughout January as it comes down from the Christmas season.

  • Sunset Festival
  • Night of the Museums
  • Motor Bike Expo

February: Best Time to Experience the Culture

Snow is common in central Croatia throughout February, especially at the start of the month. Rainfall is also quite common on the coast of Croatia. Luckily, it starts to warm up in late February with temperatures between 33 and 48 degrees.

Look no further than Dubrovnik for one of the most fun festivities of the year in Croatia. The Dubrovnik Carnival is a chance to immerse yourself in Croatian culture. Other notable events during February in Croatia include the Zagreb Boat Show and Festivity of St. Blaise.

Pula Carnival is another example of traditional festivities in Croatia. Adults will enjoy the Choco & Wine Fest in Brtonigila, Croatia.

  • Zagreb Boat Show
  • Festivity of St. Blaise
  • Dubrovnik Carnival
  • Pula Carnival
  • Choco & Wine Fest

March: Best Time for Adults

Credit: Dubrovnik FestiWine / Facebook

March is when temperatures start to become much more comfortable in Croatia. You can expect temperatures between 40 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit throughout March. Rain isn’t common during March in Croatia with average accumulations of around 2 inches.

Dubrovnik is once again the central hub of fun festivities during March in Croatia. The Dubrovnik FestiWine event is a chance for adults to sample some high-quality wine and mingle with locals. Check out the Maningue Nice Festival if you’re in the mood for a loud and energetic live music event.

  • Maningue Nice Festival
  • Dubrovnik FestiWine
  • ZagrebDox - International Documentary Film Festival

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April: Best Time to Visit in Spring

Warm weather is in full force during April in Croatia, and temperatures can reach 79 degrees. The average low temperature in April is 54 degrees Fahrenheit with mild winds and limited rain. It generally rains less than 3” throughout the month in Croatia, so you don’t have to limit outdoor activities.

April 23rd, known as Jurjevo, is when Croatia celebrates the entrance into the spring season. There are several fun events to celebrate the great weather, such as the Croatia Boat Show. Otherwise, you can enjoy examples of music from several eras at the Biennial of Contemporary Music.

  • Biennial of Contemporary Music
  • Croatia Boat Show
  • Jurjevo
  • Mark’s Festival

May: Best Time to Swim

Temperatures fluctuate between 62 and 86 degrees during May in Croatia. It rains an average of 2 inches for the whole month, and heavy downpours are quite rare. May is the perfect time to swim before it gets too hot and crowded with tourists.

The Lighthouse Festival is an exciting and vibrant dance music event in Vabriga, Croatia. Another loud and wild event is the Sea Star Festival in Umag. If you’d prefer a less hectic event, check out Musica Polonica Nova in Zagreb to hear some classic Polish music and grab a drink.

  • Lighthouse Festival
  • Sea Star Festival
  • Musica Polonica Nova

June: Best Time to be Outside

June brings great early-summer weather to Croatia, and it’s a great time to be outside. Events like the open-air INmusic Festival are a chance to enjoy the great weather coupled with great music. Porec Summer is a long stretch of fun events that last from June through September in Croatia.

The Nikola Tesla EV Rally is a fun driving event that takes participants all across Croatia. It generally rains less than 2 inches during June in Croatia, so you don’t have to worry about outdoor event cancellations. You can expect temperatures between 70 and 93 degrees throughout June in Croatia.

June is a great time for families in Croatia as well with a balance of events for all ages. The International Children’s Festival in Sibenik is a perfect example.

  • INmusic Festival
  • Porec Summer
  • Nikola Tesla EV Rally
  • International Children’s Festival

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July: Best Time for Festivities

July is the hottest month in Croatia, and it’s hard to get a break from the high temperatures. Temperatures drop to 70-76 at night and get back up to 93 or hotter during the day. It rains between 1 and 3 inches throughout July in Croatia depending on which region you visit.

SUPERTOON is a celebration of animation that adults will like just as much as their children. Tennis players will love to spectate the Croatia Open where you can see some of the best players in the sport. The Pula Film Festival is a chance to get out of the extreme heat of July and enjoy some thought-provoking movies and short films.

Events like Love International and Ultra Europe are best enjoyed by adults in Croatia. Rabska Fjera is a traditional festival in Croatia that locals and tourists alike can enjoy. You can enjoy cold drinks, hot food, and a unique display of medieval attire.

  • Ultra Europe
  • Pula Film Festival
  • Love International
  • Rabska Fjera

August: Best Time to go to the Beach

August is another blistering month in Croatia with temperatures between 77 and 94 degrees. It’s a great time to visit Dubrovnik, Makarska, and Split where you can cool off at the beach. Make sure to check the forecast because it rains up to 8 days throughout the month each August in Croatia.

August is a quiet time as far festivals and special events throughout Croatia. You can still have plenty of fun at events like the Sonus Festival and the Dinaric Rally. Traditional Croatian events like Sinjska Alka are staples in the country and worth checking out to better understand the culture.

  • Dinaric Rally
  • Sonus Festival
  • Sinjska Alka

September: Best Time to Cool Off

Temperatures begin to slowly drop for more comfortable weather throughout September in Croatia. You can expect temperatures between 69 and 88 degrees during August depending on the region. Cloudy days are quite common in September which can further help to cool off when you go to Croatia in September.

The festivities never stop throughout September in Croatia. Events like the Palm Tree Music Festival and International Puppet Festival each offer a unique experience. Otherwise, you can burn off some calories to make room for more delicious food at the Croatian Walking Festival.

  • International Puppet Festival
  • Palm Tree Music Festival
  • Croatian Walking Festival
  • Summer Peak
  • Dimensions Festival

October: Best Time to Eat

October is one of the best times to go to Croatia because of the picturesque weather. Temperatures drop between 59 and 81 degrees throughout the month. It can rain for up to 10 days out of the month in October, but that won’t spoil your vacation plans.

Chestnut-enthusiasts will enjoy Maranuda; an event that celebrates chestnuts in Croatia. Another food-related event during October in Croatia is the Day of Truffles. Check out Olive Days if you can’t get enough olives and olive oil.

The Zagreb Film Festival is a chance to see films from Croatia and abroad. Zagreb also hosts Restaurant Week each October where you can get great deals at all of the best local eateries.

  • Marunada
  • Biograd Boat Show
  • Zagreb Film Festival
  • Restaurant Week
  • Day of Truffles
  • Olive Days

November: Best Time to Visit in Autumn

Get ready for cool weather to return during November in Croatia. It never gets bitterly cold, however, and the average low temperature in November is 49 degrees. Temperatures rarely get higher than 73 degrees throughout the month, so make sure to bring a jacket when you go to Croatia in November.

As the name suggests, the Good Food Festival in Dubrovnik is a great chance to, well, eat good food. Check out one of 80 venues that participate in Theatre Night each November in Croatia. The Festival of Animated Film is a perfect event for families that visit Croatia in November.

  • Theatre Night
  • Festival of Animated Film
  • Good Food Festival

December: Best Time to Celebrate the Holidays

December is all about Christmas celebrations that carry on throughout the month in Croatia. You can find Christmas light displays all over Croatia, but Dubrovnik takes the cake. The Dubrovnik Winter Festival features music, markets, and Christmas decorations to get into the holiday spirit.

Bring your coat and the warmest clothes you have when you go to Croatia in December. The combination of strong winds and cold temperatures can be uncomfortable otherwise. You can expect temperatures between 32 and 41 degrees throughout December in Croatia.

  • Christmas
  • Dubrovnik Winter Festival

Best Time to Visit Croatia With Family

The best time to visit Croatia with family is from May to June when the weather is perfect. Temperatures fluctuate from 62 to 90 degrees between May and June. It gets closer to 90 degrees once you get to the end of June in Croatia.

These two months allow you and your family to enjoy outdoor events without getting too hot. You have full access to beaches, resorts, and restaurants across Croatia in late spring and early summer. It gets too hot and crowded once you get into July and August in Croatia.

September and October are also great months to visit Croatia with family. The temperatures cool down and tourists thin out making it much easier to navigate. You can still enjoy a day at the beach or go on a hike in early fall without getting too hot or cold.

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Best Time to Visit Croatia to Avoid Crowds

The best time to visit Croatia to avoid crowds is between April and early June. This period marks the calm before the storm when thousands of tourists go to Croatia. You won’t have to worry about hotel availability, crazy prices, or restaurant reservations.

Croatia experiences yet another low tourism period between September and November. The cooler temperatures throughout the fall in Croatia make it less enticing for tourists. Tourism in Croatia peaks during July and August and sharply drops at the beginning of September.

It picks back up in December despite the cold temperatures. Croatia gets up to 19 million tourists each year, so it’s best to pick either of the shoulder seasons for your visit. A shoulder season refers to the time when tourism is less prominent.

Cities to Visit in Croatia

Dubrovnik and Split are among the most notable cities to visit in Croatia. You will never forget your time in Dubrovnik’s unique medieval atmosphere and old-fashioned streets. Dubrovnik is also home to many of the most fun events in Croatia, such as the Dubrovnik Carnival.

Split is another city in Croatia that is known specifically for its atmosphere. You feel like you enter a time capsule when you spend a day or two in Split, Croatia. Split is well-known for its incredible seafood, and it’s the perfect environment to enjoy a great dish.

Zagreb is a popular tourist destination in Croatia as well and it’s full of the country’s best museums. This city is much more modern than Dubrovnik or Split and it’s integral to Croatia’s economy. Zagreb is also considered the best place to get a cup of coffee in Croatia.

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